About Bobby Doyle

From a very early age, Bobby has held a deep interest in active living and helping others. After earning his teaching certificate and a degree in health and fitness from the University of Missouri, circumstances shifted his path and he was lead into the corporate and institutional environment. Here he leveraged his interests in human performance development and trained in cognitive behavioral coaching. Over the next ten years, he employed the principles of human self-actualization (developed by Dr. Abraham Maslow and Dr. Albert Ellis) at the Learning System Division of the Xerox Corporation.

In the early 1990’s, Bobby was disturbed by what he perceived to be a “crisis of values” in our country. He subsequently partnered with Dr. Ronald R. Willis (a globally recognized clinical psychologist) and together they launched Basic Visions. This was a firm dedicated to creating purpose-driven organizational cultures by emphasizing the value of life principles as the basis for success. Although his programs enriched many individual lives, the principles were not embraced by organizational leaders; their pressure to satisfy shareholder interests pre-empted the provision of sustainable and meaningful services.

The tug between Bobby’s values and those opposing, profit-driven motives of the corporate world had a tremendous negative impact on his health. The stress manifested in a 60 pound weight gain accompanied with a variety of chronic health conditions. The requisite medications included a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. By serendipity, it was at this time that he and Dr. Cohen connected.  Dr. Cohen encouraged Bobby to prioritize his health and through holistic and functional medicine practices, helped him find the path back to optimal wellbeing.  This life-changing experience was inspirational and focus-shifting and revealed to Bobby his predestined direction.

Drawing from his lengthy experience, wealth of knowledge and well-practiced skills, coaching others to optimal health and self-actualization became his passion.  In 2010, Bobby earned a health coaching certification from the Villanova University School of Nursing, MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (COPE).  And, through the acquired health coaching skills, Bobby and his wife Phyllis (also a health coach) have positively impacted the lives of almost two thousand people.

Currently, Bobby continues coaching studies and skill development through the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). He is now pleased to partner with Dr. Cohen at the Randali Centre where he leads health coaching services and develops a team of community wellness providers.  His specific expertise is in helping patients develop plans for achieving optimal health and create an optimal health mindset.  Bobby’s talents afford complete health coaching services for Randali Centre patients.

Together Bobby and his wife Phyllis love to travel, ski, sail and hike. They enjoy nature, family and loved ones and through their extensive travels, are helping many people achieve optimal health and self-expression.  They are gratified to share their lives with seven daughters and six grandchildren.