Dr.Randy. Cohen

Dr. Randy Cohen’s Journey

Early in his life, Dr. Randy Cohen recognized the joy that comes from helping others in need. Combined with his love of sports, keen interest in wellness, fascination with the workings of the human body and inspired by the writings of Dr. Kenneth Cooper on Aerobics and Heart Health, he chose to pursue what he considered the most noble of all professions: Medicine.

Earning a full academic scholarship to Wayne State University in his hometown of Detroit, MI, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, and in 1985, acquired his medical degree from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. While in medical school, he was very disappointed to discover that America’s healthcare system focused on disease and illness rather than wellness and health. With searching, he found that the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (a specialty geared towards helping injured individuals regain their highest level of function and independence) seemed to best parallel his passion to heal.  In 1989, Dr. Cohen completed his 3 year residency in PM&R at Southfield Rehabilitation Center – an affiliation of Henry Ford Hospital and the Detroit Medical Center.  Followed by this was a move to the beautiful county of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Now established, Dr. Cohen became increasingly interested in the burgeoning field of a PM&R subspecialty, Pain Medicine. He was attracted by the pioneering spirit, the promise of exciting new technologies and therapies, and the potential to offer help to those millions of people living with chronic pain.  The next 26 years of his practice were devoted to this.

Nearing middle age however, Dr. Cohen experienced an unpleasant realization. He was alarmed to discover that the effects of years of neglect, hormonal alterations, stress and sedentary life-style were diminishing his semblance of well-being. His sense of invincibility was further eroded when he became shockingly aware that the heart attack and stroke victims he was attending to were his own age! Through self-reflection and a desire for better health and vitality, he searched beyond conventional medicine’s  traditional model and discovered the emerging specialty of Functional Medicine. He found that here, wellness played the key role and that the focus was proactive –  preserving health, rather than retroactive – repairing damage.  Recognizing he shared the philosophy of Functional Medicine, Dr. Cohen completed a two year course of study and in 2009, became a Fellow of The American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Continuing to enthusiastically study advances in Functional Medicine, he is again pursuing another two year certification course through the Institute for Functional Medicine.  The focus of this foundational program involves integrating science, research and clinical insights for the treatment and prevention of disease and maintenance of health.

Having now incorporated a wellness-oriented lifestyle in his own life,  Dr. Cohen is  gratified to offer solutions for others seeking to optimize their health, improve their sense of well-being and regain their zest for life.

Through this journey, Dr. Cohen is elated to have evolved full circle and to have finally ‘found his calling’.









“I have found Dr. Randy Cohen to possess a high level of professionalism, compassion & knowledge of his field, and a desire to fulfill a patient’s best interests, all of which has been invaluable to my personal health.”  

                                                                                     ~Scott Goldman