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Grow Longer Lashes With Latisse: The Miracle Cure for Thin Lashes

Remember looking into a mirror and seeing long, full, thick lashes? Is that now only a memory? Eyelashes are important for protecting the eye from dirt and debris but they also frame our eyes making them more beautiful.  Long thick eyelashes have always been a sign of beauty and sex appeal. Women have accentuated this beauty attribute for years with the use of mascara.

How To Make Your Eyelashes Grow

The Latisse Experience, An Inside Look on Longer, Fuller and Darker Lashes

Now, the FDA approved prescription Latisse, makes mascara use optional!   Dr. Cohen is very knowledgeable about how Latisse works and can share with you in detail what you can expect from using this product.
Just like the hair on our head, our eyelashes thin and fall out as we age. The older we get, the slower our hair grows. Age, along with other factors such as constant rubbing of the eye area, removing makeup or presence of eye irritants, contribute to thin lashes. Additionally, eyelashes (as well as all body hair) grow in cycles;

Eyelash Growth Product That Works

Latisse thickens and lengthens lashes by increasing the percentage of hairs in the active growth cycle, and by keeping them in this active cycle for a longer period of time.
While this medication works gradually, you may see improvement in as few as four weeks. To achieve maximum results, Latisse should be used daily for sixteen weeks. Following this period of time, using Latisse 3 times a week will often be enough to maintain eyelash growth.

So, thicker lashes are now an option!   Latisse is a prescription medication and not available over the counter. We have it here at the Randali Centre. Come get this lash-growing wonder-drug and begin your quest for thicker, fuller lashes!

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