This post is by Renee Burkey, aesthetician at the Randali Centre.

I’m excited about what we’re calling “Casey’s Transformation” because it involves two people I really appreciate and admire. Here’s how it came about.

My mother became ill in 1997, and I decided to stop working to take care of her. During this time, I “worked on my mother’s nerves,” coddling her too much. On her advice, I began as a nail tech at a friend’s shop.

New to the business, I decided to contact local radio personalities in the hopes that networking with them would help boost my business. This is when I met Casey Allyn and when we began our long, wonderful friendship.

Casey is such a wonderful personality that having her as a client did, in fact, open up a new world for me in the nail business.

My mom passed away, and I took some time off. I continued to do Casey’s nails and hair at my house.
I then opened my own salon, at which time my friendship with Casey blossomed!

Seeing how amazing my skin looked, Casey asked what I was having done. I began to tell her, and she became curious. Her first appointment at Randali Centre was with me performing a Silk Peel Dermalinfusion. After her treatment, I introduced Casey to Dr. Alice.

Casey’s personality is that of a warm, friendly, caring person. Dr. Alice saw this in Casey as well. Since Casey was such an asset to my business, I thought she could, in fact, not only benefit from our services but could spread the word to her friends and listeners about our services.

Dr. Alice and Casey worked out the details with I-105, the radio station where Casey is cohost of the morning show, and over the course of the new few months you’ll have the opportunity to follow along with Casey’s transformation. Just keep reading this blog, and if you haven’t done so already, join us on the Randali Centre Facebook page!

Listen to Casey’s on-air invitation to follow her through this no-surgery course of treatment:
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Casey Allyn – Follow Me Through This Journey” dl=”0″]