Earlier this month Casey received her third and final fractional skin resurfacing treatment from Dr. Cohen. In December, Casey said, “I want these sun spots and these age spots to go away, and the wrinkles, too.” Just three office visits later, Casey is noticing much healthier skin with visible improvements. Her on-air cohost Murf says he has seen “an extra spring in her step,” because of how she feels better about herself.

About the fractional skin resurfacing, Casey said:

It was very easy to do. Since it doesn’t do the whole face at once, you don’t have any down time. You can get back to life immediately. The only thing that you feel afterwards is like you were lying out on the beach a little bit too long, and to tell you the truth, I love that feeling. But I’m not going to be doing it any more because I realize the damage I did to my skin, and Dr. Cohen is fixing it.

On January 12, Dr. Cohen started Casey on the next phase of treatment for her skin, which is using Obagi Skin Care. Casey said:

Dr. Cohen spent an hour going over with me the new skin care line that she wants me to start using. And I thought, “Why do I have to go in there to learn to use skin care products? I already use skin care products!” But I was really glad I went in, because she took me through everything. She talked to me about all the different layers of skin and what they do and what they – at this point in my life – are not doing anymore.

This is the time to come along with Casey in her transformation! If you make an appointment for anytime before February 1, Dr. Cohen will give you a complimentary Obagi skin care consultation and 20% off your entire purchase Obagi Skin Care products. (Call now to make an appointment: 717-560-4460.)

As you may know, Dr. Cohen believes that the Obagi skin care line is the best skin care line available for sale anywhere in the world.

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Join Casey for her Home Party Kickoff Show on Sunday, February 5th, at the Fireside Tavern in Historic Strasburg. The party runs from 1:00 to 4:00, and Dr. Cohen and Renee Burkey from the Randali Centre will be there, too. They will be demonstrating the Silk Peel Dermalifusion as well as conducting makeup demos.