Last Monday Casey Allyn received her second Sculptra treatment from Dr. Cohen. While a surgical facelift merely tightens the skin on the face, nonsurgical treatment with Sculptra gradually and subtly returns a look of fullness to the face by increasing the amount of collagen in the skin. In that way, Sculptra combats the look of gauntness as well as the presence of wrinkles.

Casey will receive a third and final treatment of Sculptra in early April. The results are expected to last well beyond two years. Casey is also continuing the use of the Obagi NuDerm skin care system, which is only available through a physician like Dr. Cohen.

Dr. Cohen recently also augmented Casey’s lips with Restylane, and the results were great. “I never thought I wanted to do a lip enhancement,” Casey said. “Dr. Cohen said your bottom lip should be just a tiny bit bigger than your top lip, and mine wasn’t. So she did that, and it’s very subtle.”

Casey also had an appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. John Weierbach to follow up to the teeth whitening he had performed earlier along with straightening her front lower teeth. Dr. Weierbach is placing permanent crowns on some of Casey’s teeth and building out the side of some teeth to give Casey a perfect, straight smile.

About receiving treatment from Dr. Cohen, Casey said, “I’ve never dealt with any doctor who has been more caring and concerned about their patients. She deals with everybody on an individual basis. I believe in her, and she has proven to me that she’s up-to-date on everything that she has to know and to do with people’s skin.”

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