Casey has now finished all of her appointments with cosmetic dentist Dr. John Weierbach. She says her teeth are “beautiful and white.”

This past Monday, Casey received her third (and final) Sculptra treatment. Results from her Sculptra treatments should last beyond two years. The treatment is a series of non-surgical procedures over a period of several months, where lost collagen in the skin is regenerated and renewed.

Casey spoke about the details of the procedure on air:

She does no cutting at all – this is all non-surgical… Afterwards, you might (and that’s might) see a little bit of bruising. I did last time right around my mouth, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t cover up with makeup.

Casey’s co-host of the WIOV morning show, Murf, said that he was hesitant at the beginning of the course of various treatments that comprised Casey’s transformation:

I was a little bit skeptical when this whole first thing came about. Because… I didn’t think Casey needed anything to look more naturally radiant than she is… but then she did meet up with Dr. Cohen, and I’m here to verify that the results have been fabulous, to say the least.

Dr. Cohen has also helped to get rid of Casey’s sun spots. In addition to this, Casey has been using Latisse for several weeks. She laughed and said, “I’ve also been complemented about how I bat my long eyelashes at people lately.”

Casey said that Dr. Cohen “takes away those wrinkles and makes you feel younger. She stays on top of the newest technology.”

Casey now has one more Restylane treatment planned for the under-eye area. Also, stay tuned for the “after” photos, which should be posted soon!