It’s time for another update on Casey’s Transformation! Last time we wrote that Casey had completed a course of three fractional laser skin resurfacings and was beginning to use the Obagi NuDerm skin care system.

In addition, Casey has also received two Botox treatments to address facial wrinkles.

A few days into the Obagi skin care system, Casey said she could tell it was working.

My face is a little bit red from the new system, a little bit flaky, but that’s about all. But you know what? If that didn’t happen, then I wouldn’t think it was working. So I’m very glad for this reaction, which will all go away. You can’t even tell, because I can easily cover it with makeup.

A couple days later, she saw that the flaking was going away and her skin was being rejuvenated. She said, “My skin looks so much clearer, and my pores aren’t as big anymore. You should see how good my skin looks. I absolutely love this skin care system.”

Also since our last update in January, Casey has finished a course of five Accent Thermotherapy skin tightening treatments around the eye area. With those treatments combined with the Obagi system, she noticed that it was becoming easier to put on eye makeup:

Ladies, you’re going to back me up on this – as we get older, at your eyes, right below your eyebrows, that starts to fall down. And mine was covering my eyelid. So when I would put on my eye makeup, you couldn’t even see it. When I would put my mascara on, I used to have to grab ahold of my eyebrow and pull it up, because my eyelashes would touch up there. Suddenly I’m noticing I don’t have to hold up my eyebrow anymore, because my face has been lifted. And it’s not any surgery!

Dr. Cohen also treated Casey once with a Sculptra facial volumization (what some call a nonsurgical “liquid facelift”) and Radiesse chin augmentation.

 As all of us age, we lose collage, and that’s what gives your face that volume and keeps the wrinkles away. But as everyone ages, you lose that, because you lose the collagen. Not only that  –Dr. Cohen told me that you lose bone mass, too. Right around my mouth is where I was really starting to see wrinkles come in. Radiesse is a filler that immediately takes effect, and the cool thing is that it also stimulates your collagen so that this is going to last you at least a year. This doesn’t change the way you look, it just enhances the way you look.

In addition to her treatments with Dr. Cohen, Casey is benefiting from cosmetic dentistry work at the hands of Dr. John Weierbach.

In the coming weeks, Casey will continue to use the Obagi skin care system and will receive a Restylane lip augmentation treatment plus two additional Sculptra treatments.

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