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Suffering With Acne? Levulan Treatments Do More

Recently, there has been a renewed interest in Levulan / Photo Dynamic Therapy (ALA/PDT) treatments for acne.  It is becoming more and more recognized as a very effective treatment for recalcitrant acne – acne failing to respond to traditional treatments – or acne of any type.

Levulan Treatment Instead of Accutane

This is great news for acne sufferers since PDT with Levulan can be Accutane Pores Not a Great Optionas effective an acne treatment as the oral medication Accutane!  And, all this without the need for monthly blood tests and doctor visits, risks of systemic side-effects or the well-established certainty of birth defects. (This is so grave a threat, that 2 forms of birth control and monthly pregnancy tests are required when using Accutane in females.)

Shrinking Nose Pores, Added Benefit

An added benefit of ALA/PDT treatments is both a reduction of oily skin and actual shrinkage of pore size!  Large pores often go hand-in-hand with acne and tend to get larger with age. There are few treatments available which address this issue, much to the dismay of the patient plagued with enlarged pores.

Levulan Blue Light Activation Vs. White Light Activation

Shrinking Nose Pores is an Added BenefitAlthough they slowly fade on their own, because we use laser to activate the Levulan, the red or brown marks (post inflammatory hyperemia or hyperpigmentation), left-overs from the acne breakouts, are lessened much more quickly. We have found in our acne treatment clinic  that using an IPL laser (white light) not only activates the Levulan just as effectively as the traditional blue light. The IPL laser treatment combined with the active Levulan truly represents a win-win scenario.  Acne improvement is achieved with Levulan PDT treatments and can be maintained for about a year. In some people, indefinitely.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from the effects of acne (and this skin disease causes as much damage psychologically as physically), please share the good news. Contact us at The Randali Centre at 717-560-4460 and let us help.

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