At some point most of us have experienced occasional pimples or full-blown acne.  Whether it was in our teen years or as an adult, very few of us have escaped a “break out.”  For the majority of those suffering with acne, doctor prescribed medications control this condition.  However for some, the various medications have offered no help. We now have a solution for these unfortunate few and this clinical break-through has been extremely effective for both teenagers and adults alike.

Causes of Acne

Acne CausesAcne is caused by a combination of the P. Acnes bacteria, the over-production of oil by the sebaceous glands of the skin, clogged pores and subsequent inflammation. Acne-prone individuals tend to produce large amounts of an oily substance called Sebum. This substance, along with dead skin cells, is sticky in our pores and causes them to become clogged. The enlarged pore becomes red and infected and ultimately becomes a pimple.

Best Treatment for Acne & Shrinking Pores

When topical creams and prescription medications are not helpful, the most effective treatment is Levulan PhotoDynamic Therapy.

5 Amino Levulinic Acid or ALA/PDT treatments, typically involve application of ALA to your face or other affected areas. This is followed by an hour or two of incubation and then activation with a laser. In How to Shrink Poresaddition to destroying acne-causing bacteria, this treatment is also very effective in reducing sebum production and shrinking pore size…especially those seen around the nose.  ALA treatments offer the same benefits of Accutane but are without the side-effect risk.

Treatment for Rosacea

Rosacea, a common skin condition, is a type of acne. Its cause is laser treatments for rosaseaunknown. Facial redness is the most distressing symptom of Rosacea but bumps and pimples may also be present. An essential treatment for rosacea includes reducing your alcohol consumption, sun and wind exposure, spicy foods ingestion and heat. Finding your “triggers”, protecting your face with sunblock and being gentle to your skin are a must. While Rosacea cannot be cured, it can often be controlled with medication. When this fails, ALA treatments can be dramatically effective. Not only do the acniform bumps respond to ALA, the laser that activates the Levulan is extremely effective in reducing the associated redness:  Use of a Laser is the only treatment for acne that effectively targets redness.

With addressing the above skin issues, it would be remiss not to discuss the importance of skin cleansing. This cannot be over emphasized.  We at Randali Centre recommend the Clarisonic Cleanser.  This sonic cleansing device removes acne-causing bacteria and excess oil three times more effectively than hand cleansing alone.  Additionally, the sonic waves prime the skin to absorb by up to 60%, any topical medications or skin care products!

We realize that not only is proper treatment a necessity, but clear skin is a confidence booster! Share how you are treating acne and large pores in your comments below.

If you suffer from any of the skin conditions we’ve discussed and would like to gain control, please call Dr. Cohen at the Randali Centre.