ProNox: Procedures Without Pain

Most non-surgical procedures are relatively painless. Those procedures requiring injections are normally preceded by application of a topical numbing agent. For most, this is sufficient to keep the treatment tolerable. However, for a few, the anticipation of discomfort is frightening and anxiety provoking. Addressing this worry is ProNox – a device that delivers nitrous oxide.
Nitrous oxide is a gas long known for its analgesic and anxiolytic properties. It has been used in hospitals, medical centers and dental offices for decades. It has a long safety record and is extremely effective for the relief of pain and anxiety.
The ProNox device dispenses nitrous oxide gas through tubing to the patient’s mouth. It is self-administered empowering the patient to fully control the amount needed. The onset of action is within seconds and the sedating effect is experienced only while inhaling the gas. Nitrous oxide clears from the body within minutes after use thus allowing the patient to depart the office without having to wait.
Now, with the availability of ProNox, the fears that previously prevented nervous patients from seeking out aesthetic procedures need not be a concern.

                      “I recently received my first Nova Threads procedure.  I was extremely nervous and anxious.  Dr Cohen reassured me and offered nitrous oxide with the ProNox machine.  This definitely took away my anxiety and I felt no pain.  The procedure was fast and painless.”

~ SB in Lancaster

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