About Phyllis Doyle, RN, CHC

Early in her adult life, Phyllis recognized that her vocation was to serve and nurture others. This steered her toward the medical profession and nursing.   In 1990, she attained her RN degree and began a full-time nursing career.  She served in a variety of hospital settings including oncology, surgery, psychiatry and mother-baby. Having a particular interest in women’s health, she found her stride in obstetrics and gynecology.  During her nursing career, Phyllis was consistently acknowledged by hospital administrators and peers as being an excellent example of exemplary nursing.  She was regularly assigned to the most ‘difficult cases’.  Having spent over twenty years in the medical system, she became increasingly aware that the mounting restrictions of traditional healthcare precluded her from focusing on her passion… to minister to and nurture ill people back to health.

In 2008 Phyllis was introduced to wellness and holistic medicine by Dr. Randy Cohen. Suffering a 35 pound weight gain, experiencing overwhelming stress and subsisting with a sedentary lifestyle, she was successfully coached by Dr. Cohen to greater levels of personal health.  Inspired by this experience, she became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of disease symptom treatment that traditional medicine’s narrow focus offered.  Supporting patients to create and preserve health through the philosophy of functional medicine now directed her passion. She received health coach training and became a certified health coach at the Villanova University School of Nursing, MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (COPE).  Over the next few years, Phyllis coached hundreds of patients to health.  Numerous times she was rewarded when witnessing the reversal of multiple chronic conditions and subsequent decrease or elimination of prescription medications: A facilitation of her conscientious health coaching.

Further inspired by Dr. Cohen, Phyllis most recently has deepened her commitment to the field of wellness. She is currently completing a course through The Institute for Functional Medicine and will gain IFM Health Coaching certification. Through this training, she’s becoming even more competent in health coaching and is becoming more proficient in clinical protocols which support the healthy lifestyle changes that engender greater well-being.

On a personal level, Phyllis continues to strive for higher levels of physical and spiritual health. She is particular about good nutrition, exercise, spirituality and mindfulness, strives to create a non-toxic living environment and develop loving relationships. She is married to her life and practice partner, Bobby Doyle. Together they are parents to seven daughters and six grandchildren.  They travel extensively pursuing an enjoyment of family and friends and share a love of animals, nature, skiing, sailing and backpacking. Phyllis’s warm personality, self-deprecation and self-directed humor are appealing and her dedication, sensitivity and compassion have earned devotion and respect from her coaching clients.