Radiosurgery With The Surgitron

Radiosurgery: Mole Removal & Treatment of Facial Veins

Radiosurgery is an atraumatic method of cutting and coagulating soft tissue.  The resultant  absence of post-op pain and scarring makes it superior to traditional use of a scalpel. The device used for this procedure is called the Surgitron.

When using  a scalpel, the  cutting  is performed with manual pressure. This results in unavoidable crushing of tissue.  On the other hand, radiosurgery employs use of a fine wire called a surgical electrode. This electrode conducts the current of radiofrequency and the cutting action is called electrosection.  The result of heat generated by the tissues’ resistance to the passage of this radiofrequency wave causes the tissue to split apart as though it had been cut with a razor-sharp knife.  The atraumatic nature of electrosection provides a noteworthy advantage in that the lack of trauma results in tissue healing without the fibrous contractile scar tissue seen so often  after healing of wounds created by manual cutting.  Electrosection  also helps to eliminate the unfavorable post-operative sequelae such as pain, swelling and possibility of infection which can be seen with traditional scalpel surgery.  As a result of these advantages, radiosurgery, facilitates, accelerates, and improves surgical procedures tremendously.  More important to many though are the cosmetic results.  When using radiosurgery, they are uniformly excellent.

The use of radio-frequency with the surgitron is also excellent for treatment of tiny facial veins and cherry hemangiomas.

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